Company Resume
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Ferrarucci is a global brand that its structural criteria are according to the latest standards of make up in the world.

All of the Ferrarucci products are designed based on lasting and silken beauty.

This company has been able to be at the top of the famous global brands with its professional design (light and stable) based on the experience gained from the production and distribution processes of Mac and Anastasia.

Ferrarucci is the only company in the world that produces from the smallest to the most professional products that improves the process of makeup so that a makeup artist can show his art in a silken and stable (wateresident) form.

The company and producers of Ferrarucci by taking advantage of experienced specialists, have paid attention to all needs of a makeup artist and produced luxury products. According to this, all of the weak points and short comings of similar products have been considered to be reformed in the new products which are superior to all kinds of similar products.

From 2013, Ferrarucci is the first choice for every makeup artist in the world.

The raw materials of Ferrarucci are sent from the USA to Romania and Germany by using the latest technologies and then by using the packaging technology PRC the products are handled to all over the world.

In order to keep the professional technics secret, the Ferrarucci company doesn’t support or administer any pages in Instagram and Facebook. So any commercial activities in these social networks are not original.